Benchmark CAD is proud to announce the single, most powerful software add-on for BuildersCAD in over 14 years.  The BCAD Stacker is now ready to ship.  This program will automate your work flow from finished floor plan right through the setting of the walls in the field.  This Stacker is a tool for maximum productivity.
Some of the many features include:
- User definable values for maximum width and height of each stack
- User definable look ahead matrix to search for possible walls to fill out current row.
- Color coded wall labels in stack to call out tall walls, rake walls and conforming walls.
- Manual or automatic stacking control.
- Manual overrides to allow any size panel to be allowed in a stack.
- Adjustable sheathing thickness for easy viewing.
- User definable lift holes of any size in any location.
- Automatic sorting of Exterior vs. Interior walls.

Actual stack automatically created from the above house in less than 2 seconds.
Panels that fit the user parameters are placed in green, rake walls are red and
tall walls are drawn in orange for easy visual reference.
Walls that are longer than my setting of 16' are not included in this stack and can
easily be viewed in my highlighted floor plan view.

Quickly Edit existing walls in any stack.
- Complete editing including moving panels, deleting panels, swapping panels 
and rotating tall panels 90 degrees.

Setup a unique drawing for each stack.
Automatically output your panel drawings in the proper set order for the field.
This takes the bottom wall in the stack and outputs it first and the top wall
(first to be set in field) and outputs it last.
All done automatically with the push of a button.
Note: Above menu shots have the graphics removed to reduce this email size.
Full menu graphics can be requested from Benchmark CAD.F

This is a sample output drawing automatically made for each stack. 
Notice that the walls form this stack are solid or "bold" on the floor plan for easy
delivery and setting in the proper area.
This is a unique layer and can have any custom notes or labels easily added.
Note that the total Linear feet and numbers of walls have been included for each stack.
The STACKER was built to seamlessly run right inside your existing BuildersCAD V8.

Upon the receipt of payment, a small 800kb file will be emailed to you for fast installation to upgrade your BCAD to the STACKER.  The Stacker comes with 30 days free support and 1 full year of free upgrades to the Stacker program.
The new BuildersCAD V8 STACKER is priced at $750 per station.
For sample output, additional graphics, a V8 features PDF or any questions at all, please give me a call or drop me an email.
BCAD STACKER = Maximum Productivity
Richard J Russ
Benchmark CAD
Sales, Support and Training